Jeremy Bechtel


Roger Kingsley

Finding beauty in winter country. more


Hunting turkeys, bagging a memory. more


Barbour Rock

Courtesy of the Tioga County Visitors Bureau

There’s this little place I know on the edge of time and space... more


When I met my wife she already had an impressionable four-year-old boy, who had leukemia to boot. I was not sure how to bond with the little fellow, and I think he felt the same way. I soon learned that just being me was enough to keep his interest. more


Fox Tots

By Bernadette Chiaramonte

As I rounded the hill, a family of four foxes dove into the sluice pipe under the road. I was excited to see them, of course, and I waited patiently, camera in hand. Yes! Sure enough, their curiosity got the best of them. These two peeked out and posed for me, a moment I will never forget.