August 2018

Keeneyville entrepreneur books Christian performers for local audiences. more

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Williamsport’s favorite ice cream keeps on churning. more

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Wellsboro dancer Maia Mahosky leads the August Arts Crawl. more

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You know take your dog to work day? It doesn’t say puppy for a reason... more

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It's tomato (and zucchini) time. more

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The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild turns 20. more

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Wellsboro's Taylor Acorn puts it in a song for fans at the Tioga County Fair. more

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Inspired by a children's book, Bruno Schickel built a Finger Lakes village. He also married the celebrity girl next door. more

People & Life

Autumn Voyage
By Mary Sweely

It was October and my husband, Curt and I were fishing in a Tioga County Bass Anglers tournament on Hammond Lake. I heard a noise and looked up to see these geese preparing to head south.