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Laurels in the Mist

By Linda Stager

My friend Bernadette and I love to share sunrises together as we go out to see what our cameras can see. is particular day, in June, we red up my Miata, threw the top down, and drove the curvy road to Colton Point State Park. At the top of the mountain, we rushed to the lookout to watch the sun come up. After some silly selfies (as only BFFs can do), we walked out the Rim Trail at the park. The Rim trail has many gorgeous vistas along the way, a good peek at the park pavilions, and, as you can see, lots of mountain laurel. This day was perfect. The fog shrouding the gorge was ethereal. The laurel was in its prime. And, of course, I was with my good friend. This photo brings those memories back today...and always. Come walk the Rim trail with YOUR best friend.