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Broken Down in the Last Great Place

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Explore Wellsboro with the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce and Beagle Media, LLC!

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The Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with our company, Beagle Media, LLC, to bring you a fantastic new visitors guide of our hometown.  Published twice a year, Explore Wellsboro highlights the events and places to visit while in our beautiful town all year long. Whether you pick up a copy at any of Mountain Home's distribution points or read it online below, Explore Wellsboro is your best guide for your visit.

Food writer Cornelius O'Donnell shares his thoughts on the state of his mind, and his kitchen.

Spiritual sustenance from the nature that surrounds us, courtesy of Mother Earth

Fred Matarko talks about his first free love, fishing.

White Christmas

By Heather Mee

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year," Charles Dickens wrote, and that whispers in my head through this image. I captured this photo on a cold winter day when the sky was heavy—almost purple—as the snowflakes fell around me. I am privileged to call Wellsboro my home, and the stately gaslights regularly call for my attention, but this day was one-of-a-kind. I remember feeling as if I were in a snow globe or a childhood dream. It was quiet and lovely. This photo seems to stir emotion in others, just as it does for me, and has become a much-requested image. When, in this dark world, a photo brings feelings of peace, light, and calm, it feels right to share it. I hope it stirs something inside of you as well.